to start this page, here is a bit about how my dreams usually are..
↳ i have very vivid dreams and typically have 4/5 different dreams per night. i often switch perspective between the people i dream of. i can read in my dreams even though people always say you can't. i don't lucid dream though i usually am aware that i am dreaming.
april 3
1. the main dream i had was i was pregnant and was going to have quadruplets but for some reason only gave birth to 3. also i was cut open to have the babies removed. for some reason it was with a plastic spoon.

2. i then dreamt of a sort of movie where there was a girl who was dating a guy and the guy was killed in a car accident. the girl was screaming and trying to break the window of the driver who, now that i think about it, looked like ryan ross? anyways the girl was really torn up about it and for some reason her parents were trying to make her marry this guy who killed her bf. i think she was dying or something it felt like i was almost having a fever. i don't know how it ended and the girl only spoke japanese.

3. this was a good dream, i was shopping at cvs with my good friend yvan and we were having a really fun time. we were getting a lot of candy (left me craving mini m&m's when i woke up). there was this weird patrick star toy that had a really weird/scary face but me and yvan couldn't stop laughing at it. I think we also got some sparkling water and we were so loud and bothering every one but i woke myself up twice laughing.

april 6
1. i definitely had a dream but i can't remember it. i did weirdly wake up around 4 am and down a bag of vegetable chips and dark chocolate almonds before passing out again

april 20
1. i had a dream my dad had to have a party for work to get a promotion and we were rushing around to do something big and fancy. then for some reason, my old old school showed up and started throwing this big party for us and i felt indebted to them even though i really don't care for them. i specifically remember looking at the girl who was mean to me while walking by i didn't bother saying anything because she is evil.